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    Introducing Ardell’s Magnetic Lash Applicator, the easy-to-use tool that lets you apply your favorite magnetic lashes with absolute speed and precision. We’ve designed this lightweight plastic applicator to simplify every step of the application process. Our curved applicator prongs seamlessly hug the natural lash line, while magnetic strips prevent lashes from shifting during application. Likewise, a side grip handle maximizes visibility and offers superior control when aligning lashes. And when it comes to connecting upper and lower magnetics together, our applicator swiftly secures them to one another with a simple press-and-release move. As an added bonus, the applicator comes in a vibrant pink shade, making it as pretty as it is functional.

    – Easy to use, easy to release

    – Lightweight plastic applicator with magnetically trimmed prongs

    – Curved prongs hug natural lash line for seamless application

    – Compatible with all magnetic lash strips and accents

    – Simplifies magnetic lash application for novices & experts alike

    – Side grip allows for maximum visibility and superior control during application

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    Ardell Magnetic Lashes- Pre-Curved 105 with Applicator

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    Curved band makes magnetic lashes easier to put on because they’re perfectly contoured to fit the lid The magnets of the top lash with magnets of the bottom lash just place and press, simply effortless Budge proof: no adhesive needed. Lashes stay put until you’re ready to remove them Made of human hair for a soft, natural look Ardell Magnetic Lash collection is a revolutionary multi magnet technology that uses virtually invisible magnets, strategically embedded end to end for complete magnetic contact so lashes lay down seamlessly along the natural lash line and don’t flare out. Curved bands make these magnetic lashes easier to put on because they’re perfectly contoured to fit the lid

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