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6 Glass Dispenser And Holder

6 Glass Dispenser And Holder

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  • Type: 6 Glass Dispenser
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: plastic
  • Product weight: 95g
  • Product size: 13.17*12.32cm
  • Applicable cup height: 6.6cm
  • Diameter: 3.1cm
  • Glass Not Included
  • Non-toxic material: Made of PLA material, the carrier is completely safe and very durable. Wouldn't break if it falls.
  • Holds 6 glasses: The ingeniously-designed carrier holds 6 glasses which will be filled once you pour on the upper base. There are holes for each glass through which falls into it.
  • Cool carrier: Prepare shot glasses on the go with the stable liquor dispenser. Even when you are traveling and feel like drinking a beverage in shot glasses, this will be effective. Also, it allows you to carry 6 glasses to a table at one time.
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